TTArtisan Light Meter II



    • APS-C Frame

    • F2.0 Large Aperture

    • 105°Ultra-wide

    • Nearly Zero Distortion

    • Starburst with 8 Spikes

    • ASPH. Lens (Aspherical)

    • Full Metal Body

    • E/X/Z/M43/RF-mount

    • Comes with a Filter Holder and TPU Rubber Lens Cap

Light Meter II

Light Meter II

Shutter Speed: 23 stops
Aperture: Clicked
Power Source: CR1632
Size: 40*35*16mm
Non-slip: √

Light Meter I

Shutter Speed: 12 stops
Aperture: Declicked
Power Source: CR2032
Size: 40*40*15mm
Non-slip: ×

Easy to Use
Indicator Light + Two Dials

The current exposure status is displayed by the indicator light. The left and right dials can modify the parameters, which resemble the Manual mode of camera.

Overexposure within one step


Accurate Exposure

within one step


Not Available

23-stop Shutter Speed

Shutter speed increased from 12 to 23 stops, making exposure more accurate.

Clicked Aperture Dials
45°Average Metering

Upgrade the metering module to make the metering more accurate.

Double Power Saving
Continuous Metering for 60h.

No operation for 10 seconds:

The indicator light will automatically turn off and the it can be activated by touching the dial and metering button.

No operation for 60 seconds:

The light meter will turn on the sleep mode, which can be activated by clicking the metering button.

Aircraft Aluminum Material 34g

(without battery)

Cold Shoe Mount

The installation position can be adjusted freely, there are three choices, please see the picture for details.